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Posted on 28th Oct 2013, 1:23 PM
Cover Page
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Nic_Yuishizu 28th Oct 2013, 1:23 PM edit delete
It's finally here! - As many of you know I have been hard at work trying to create a webcomic. I tried it before with a couple of friends and artists but it did not turn out too well. Learning from that experience, I planned hard and long to create a better webcomic, one that would work! Then I recruited my close childhood friend, Yuishizu, and together we got to create this webcomic!

Age Of Chaos: Depths of the Past - is a story about our main characters Nemesis, Zcythe, Kaze, Hiro and more as children and how they grew up to become great assassins. It is the prequel to the previous webcomic i created.

The comic will update every Friday!(till further notice) NOW ENJOY!

Webcomic Launching Poster Art by: Torus
(It was a gift from him to us, he is amazing! Lol he was indeed very excited for this new webcomic to happen)